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Evento Asalto Hitac

¡Los Hitac han vuelto!
Del 06 al 19 de Noviembre
Derrótalos, consigue su botín y comercia con él para poder ganar valiosos premios en el juego durante el evento Asalto Hitac. 

HITAC Assault event is back for your entertainment from 6 - 19.11.

*NOTE - HITAC will be available 24 hours a day during the event
During that time you will have the chance to attack the Hitac, collect capsules, puzzle letters and other valuable rewards.

This time we included the capsules as craftable items in the Assembly, cool Aegis ship designs as drops, recipes and rewards.

In the lottery you can even win an unique Cubi Portal to farm your own Cubicon.

On top of that you can find new recipes for CBS modules in the Assembly and more.

Level 6 Missions

The following missions will be available from the moment the event starts.

DailyKill 1 Boss SibelonExperience: 100,000
Credits: 200,000
Uridium: 200
Honor: 100
1 Aurus
6 - 11
DailyKill 1 Boss DevolariumExperience: 50,000
Credits: 50,000
Uridium: 100
Honor: 50
1 Schism
6 - 11
DailyDestroy in any order
  • 20 Lordakia
  • 10 Saimon
  • 5 Boss Saimon
  • 4 Devolarium
  • 2 Sibelons
Experience: 200,000
Credits: 20,000
Uridium: 50
Honor: 20
1 Capsule
6 - 11
EventDestroy in any order
  • 150 Lordakia
  • 150 Saimon
  • 50 Devolarium
  • 20 Sibelon
  • 4 Boss Sibelon
Experience: 250,000
Credits: 250,000
Uridium: 1000
Honor: 1000
10 Aurus
100 Scrap
1 Borealis Venom
6 - 11

Level 12 Missions

The following missions will be available from the moment the event starts.

DailyKill 1 Hitac MinionExperience: 200,000
Credits: 200,000
Uridium: 500
Honor: 200
1 Aurus
DailyCause 500,000 damage to the HITACExperience: 200,000
Credits: 200,000
Uridium: 1000
Honor: 200
1 Schism
DailyDestroy in any order
  • 20 Sibelonit
  • 10 Kristallin
  • 5 Boss Kristallin
  • 4 Lordakium
  • 2 Kristallon
Experience: 40,000
Credits: 40,000
Uridium: 200
Honor: 40
1 Capsule
EventFinish the gates
Alpha, Beta, and Gamma
Experience: 500,000
Credits: 500,000
Uridium: 10,000
Honor: 5000
10 Aurus
100 Scrap
1 Lava Spectrum

Event-only Assembly recipes

These will be available during the time of the event. Note: should you pick up one of these and want to get the designs, hurry. These recipes will not be in your list when the event is over.

RecipeRequiresBuildsStackableCrafting Time
Ocean A-Elite3 Hybrid Processor
3 Aurus
onceno5 seconds
Ocean A-Elite PET2 Hybrid Processor
3 Nano Case
3 Aurus
onceno5 seconds
Ocean A-Elite Drone1 Hybrid Processor
2 Nano Condensor
2 Aurus
manyyes5 seconds
Item - Cubiportal

Like the Frost Gate item, this Cubiportal is a consumable that will give you a unique chance to open a portal spawning a Cubicon only for you.

This item can be won as an ultra rare reward from the capsule converter. You can use it on the following maps: x-5 to x-8 and 4-1 to 4-5.

The item will disappear after use. But because there is a mathematical discipline called statistics, which says that a player might have two of these, the portal has a 72h cooldown.)

Hitac Drops

HitacLegend A-Elite recipe5% for each of the top 5 damage dealers.Each player who has dealt enough damage will have its own chance to get a drop for the recipe, together with the capsule
Hitac Minions• Poison A-Elite ship recipe
• Poison A-Elite drone recipe
• Poison A-Elite P.E.T. design recipe
1% for each one (meaning: a 2,9% chance of getting one of these)If the player has got a positive roll for one of those recipes, it will drop with the letter box.
Gate Rewards
Hades Gate

During the event, players will have a one-in-four chance (25%) to get a Legend A-Elite ship on top of the regular rewards.

Notes: The reward is rolled for all players in the group.

Alpha, Beta, Gamma Gates

Finishing the Alpha, Beta and Gamma gates will grant a chance to win a Sandstorm A-Elite ship (25% chance per roll) or A Sandstorm A-Elite P.E.T. design (25% chance per roll). Every player finishing a gate will receive one Sandstorm A-Elite Drone design per finished gate.

Hitac Lottery Rewards

All participating players who have converted at least one capsule, will have the chance to win one of the following prizes at the end of the event.

Amount of
Reward Packages
per Instance
130x Magmadrill LF-4
210x Magmadrill LF-4
55x Magmadrill LF-4
130x LF-4 Level 16
210x LF-4 Level 16
55x LF-4 Level 16
31350 Indoctrine Oil
20450 Indoctrine Oil
201 Month Premium
51 Each
  • Inferno Pusat
  • Inferno Lightning
  • Inferno Venom
  • Inferno Spectrum
  • Inferno Sentinel

Capsule Converter

When you drop a capsule into the converter, with each capsule you have a chance to receive one of the following rewards. Note: The first 26 packages contain 2 different prizes. E.g. package 12, which you can get with a 5% chance on every roll, contains 325 Xenomit and 2 Aurus.

The packages 27-39 contain only one item of higher value.

PackageContentOther contentDrop chance
13x Green Booty Keys2 Aurus1,00%
2650x RSB 75 ammo2 Aurus4,00%
3650x UCB 100 Ammo2 Aurus4,00%
411x Log Discs2 Aurus5,00%
533x Extra Energy2 Aurus3,00%
6110x UBR 100 Rockets2 Aurus5,00%
7135x Hellstorm Rockets2 Aurus3,00%
8175x SAR-02 Rockets2 Aurus6,00%
97x EMPS2 Aurus2,00%
109x Jump Vouchers2 Aurus6,00%
11450x PLT 30 30 Rockets2 Aurus3,00%
12325x Xenomit2 Aurus5,00%
131x Cloak CPU XL2 Aurus0,40%
141x Cloak CPU2 Aurus1,00%
151x Green Booty Keys17x Extra Energy3,00%
16350x RSB 75 ammo150x Xenomit2,00%
17250x UCB 100 Ammo6x Jump Vouchers2,00%
187x Log Discs250x RSB 75 ammo3,00%
1917x Extra Energy3x EMPS3,00%
2080x UBR 100 Rockets3x Log Discs3,00%
2185x Hellstorm Rockets200x UCB 100 Ammo3,00%
2275x SAR-02 Rockets175x Xenomit5,00%
232x EMPS85x Hellstorm Rockets3,00%
245x Jump Vouchers50x UBR 100 Rockets3,00%
2550x PLT 30 30 Rockets2x Green Booty Keys3,00%
26225x Xenomit125x PLT 3030 Rockets5,00%
301x XP-B01 Booster-0,40%
311x HON-B01 Booster-0,40%
321x DMG-B01 Booster-0,39%
331x SHD-B01 Booster-0,39%
341x REP-B01 Booster-0,39%
351x SREG-B01 Booster-0,39%
361x RES-B01 Booster-0,39%
371x HP-B01 Booster-0,39%
381x CD-B01 Booster-0,39%
391x Cubiportal-0,06%
Note on Drop Rates and percentages

Every time you kill an NPC, finish a gate, or otherwise have a chance to receive some reward, the game rolls a die. Depending on the number the game looks up what reward you will get for the result and book it.

That means that if you e.g. kill a Hitac, the game rolls a 100-sided die. If the game rolls a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, you will receive the bonus reward. If the roll shows a 6, 7, etc. up to 100, the reward is not booked. Then you kill your second Hitac, the game rolls again. And again the game would need to roll a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, to win the reward.

Even with a 1-in-4 chance (like the Hades gate bonus reward) this does not necessarily mean that you will receive the rewards if you play the gate 4 times. It may happen that you could play it a hundred times and still go empty handed, it may also mean that you can play it 2 times and end up with 2 rewards.

It’s all chance and statistics.

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